Mono Roof

This Prefabricated Steel Roof was installed as part of a small renovation to a private home in Leuven, Belgium. The Roof demonstrates ORG’s expertise in advanced manufacturing and digital fabrication. The curvilinear grid shell roof consists of 20 unique steel plate profiles. The profiles were manufactured by a computer-controlled water-jet steel cutter, painted and assembled off-site in an environmentally controlled warehouse to optimize precision. After completion, it was shipped as two pieces and installed in less than one day. The result is a structurally precise and elegant interior that renders a unique quality of light. The client asked to expand their living quarters and gain fuller access to their outdoor garden. The existing 1960’s expansion at the back of the house had become obsolete, as the client perceived it as cold and dark. The roof was no longer waterproof and the windows overlooking the garden were small as a result of the previous structural design. Furthermore, any building alteration would need to adhere to updates in the local zoning ordinance, which created restrictions on the height of the addition. The Prefabricated Steel Roof is one single unit with new insulation and a new water proof membrane installed above. The singular plate rests on three existing walls allowing the façade that opens to the garden to be fully glazed. The steel plate allows a minimal roof structure, with loads in tension as a reverse curvature. The structural section, with loads greatest in the center of the roof, protrudes into the space as opposed to above, thus allowing the addition to comply with new building height restrictions. At its edges, the roof is thinnest, which maximizes glazing towards the garden and makes a seamless connection between the new lowered floor and the existing level of hall and kitchen.

Leuven, Belgium

Mono Roof

2011 — 2016




Alexander D’Hooghe, Natalie Seys, Luk Peeters, Sanne Peeters, Joseph O’Connor, Wim François

UTIL Structural Engineering, Brussels (B)

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