The built environment is filled with recurring elements. Why should designers reinvent everything from scratch every time? The beams+post portico; the staircase; the doorway/overhang/frame, are examples of elements. The 2014 Architecture Biennial curated by Rem Koolhaas was titled Elements, and devoted to exactly this category of objects. We define elements as groups of building materials assembled in ways that compose a part of a building. With such a definition, an element occupies a scale in-between the building and the individual component (tiles, panels, etc.). The scale of the element corresponds with the scale of the small hut. One might say that it corresponds to the human scale of close-up experience of the built environment. It is an old scale.


We design elements as autonomous objects, which become more perfect at every new iteration. We regularly use these elements in our own buildings, however we are also happy to make them available for other architects or contractors to use. Due to the diverse structural and spatial constraints of each project, we use parametric design to optimize each element to its setting. In addition, our experience allows us to provide reasonably quick, customized formwork by utilizing state-of-the-art production technology.


We continuously develop our expertise in the civic use of industrial (standardized, modular) production systems, in addition to advanced manufacturing techniques (3d-printing, CNC fabrication, and intelligent sensing systems). Our Elements branch is currently developing fast. Please join our community with ideas for use, investment, and application.


We welcome participation in projects. If you are interested in learning more about an ongoing project or one of the members of the team, please contact us at info@orgpermod.com


Our community is growing. We are always looking out for potential new members. Should you be interested in working with ORG Permanent Modernity, we would welcome your expression of interest, CV, and portfolio. Please send materials in PDF format to info@orgpermod.com. Only short-listed candidates will receive a response.

We are currently looking for:

Junior Urban Process Manager, Junior Urban Designer, Senior Urban Designer, Junior Architectural Designer, Senior Architectural Designer, and BIM Coordinator

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